Textile Briefs International

1.  Thousands of textile workers have returned to work in factories in Bangladesh amid a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, raising fears of an increase in the spread of the contagion. Factories in the capital Dhaka and the port city of Chittagong reopened after being permitted to resume work.

2.  Bangladesh commerce minister Tipu Munshi has called on the British government to intervene to prevent mass factory closures in the region. Canceled orders and closed factories amid the coronavirus pandemic have plunged Bangladesh’s clothing manufacturing industry into chaos.

3.  Cambodia government instructs RMG factories to resume operation. Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia, urged retailers and fashion brands, partners to stay committed to Cambodia and especially to the workers.

4.  The Indian Ministry has taken steps to ensure that only certified players across the entire supply chain are allowed to supply body coveralls to governments. India has become the world’s second-largest manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) body coveralls within a short period of two months.

5.  According to CAI officials, Indian cotton prices have come down by 12-15% due to the ongoing lockdown and fears that the country’s cotton consumption will reduce, resulting in more carry-forward stocks by September 2020.

6.  ACIMIT has announced that during the first quarter of 2020, the orders intake of Italian textile machinery has registered a sharp drop. The ongoing pandemic has impacted heavily on the Italian textile sector and its consequences will be more negative in the second quarter.

7.  Japanese medium-sized firms in a variety of sectors are exploring their technologies and know-how to produce high-quality, washable masks to meet the rising demand for such items amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

8.  Moroccan face masks have made their way into Europe, with a total of 16 companies starting to export reusable protective equipment to Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. Morocco also boasts 73 units and cooperatives that manufacture washable and reusable masks.

9.  Sri Lankan Board of Investment (BOI) has informed that the country attracted over $500 million worth of orders for the production of personal protective equipment (PPE). Director-General Sanjaya Mohottala has expressed confidence that the value will top $1 billion in the future.

10.  American Apparel Inc. has decided to shift its operations to the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier American Apparel witnessed a 26% sales drop in Q1 due to the lockdown.


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