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Thies: Spectecular results with ultra-low dye liquor levels

The iMaster H2O dyeing machine has been designed for all fabrics and knitted goods to ensure economic and environmental operation with advanced automation at low liquor levels as low as 1:3:7 for cotton.

The iMaster H2O is based on 40 years experience and is specifically engineered to ensure that textiles plant are able to adhere to the most stringent of international and local environmental protection regulations.

The machine has been developed to offer maximum flexibility in terms of materials usage, minimal use of dyes and with advanced automation to ensure the greatest efficiency and cost-effectiveness possible.

Available with chamber widths of 525 mm, 1050 mm and 1300 mm, the iMaster H2O has nominal loading capacities of 100 kg, 200 kg and 250 kg and configurations of up to eight chambers are available.

There is an adjustable J-box, making the machine suitable for light to heavy fabrics as well as full and reduced loads.

The minimal rope lifting results in better shrinkage control and less rope curling for elastic fabrics such as cotton and Lycra. Running properties cover the range of 90 to 500 m/min, and the dyeing, bleaching and rinsing is carried out with extremely low nozzle pressure, thus giving excellent fabric surface.

An innovative system of kier pressure regulation reduces compressed air consumption, and there is no waiting time for venting the machine, which can be drained at temperatures starting from 92oC.

It is important to note that fabric speeds, nozzle pressure and plaiter are all automatically synchronised, and a new smart dose system has been developed for significant improvements on levelness and dosing time. A liquor turbulence protector allows further reduction of dye liquor: The RINSEtronic system automates the rinsing procedure, and there is also an automatic filter system.


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