German Review

HEUSCH: The only blade manufacturer providing services all over the world

Founded in 1850 in Aachen, Germany – the company is one of the world-leading suppliers for cutting solutions in the textile and leather industry and the oldest, most experienced shearing device manufacturer. For the textile and carpet industry, the company supplies concave spirals and ledger blades for the shearing process. Shearing is the part of the finishing process that gives the final touch to the material.

The company’s global network of partners, its application support team and its service technicians provide onsite service, training and troubleshooting for shearing related problems, as well as workshops at its headquarters and operates a centre of excellence for research and development and customer support.

The contacts with customers are established and maintained by a local agent but invoicing is done directly with the customer due to customs duty and other potential charges.

HEUSCH currently operates through a network of partners in 58 countries; from Japan to the US and from Sweden to South Africa, all textile and carpet producing markets are addressed. The company has experience with shearing all kinds of fibres like microfibers, sisal, coconut and all other manmade or natural fibres.


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