Germany remains an important partner for textile industry of Pakistan

Pakistan’s textile industry owes a great deal to the innovative technological solutions provided by German textile machinery suppliers over the last 60 years. The strong foundation of the Pakistani textile industry can rightfully be attributed to the German technological prowess. Pakistani textile entrepreneurs and industrialists, as a result, have developed a habit of acquiring the best of global technology to remain competitive.

Several German companies can rightfully claim credit for the development of the nascent textile industry in Pakistan.  Examples include Schlafhorst (Saurer Group), Suessen (Rieter Components), Truetzschler in the spinning sector, while in the weaving sector technology companies such as Dornier made their mark. In the development of the textile finishing sector, several names such as Monforts, Osthoff-Senge, Goller, Brueckner, and Thies are most active and very well respected in Pakistan. Groz Beckert, Mayer & Cie, Stoll, and Karl Mayer are well known in the field of knitting technology.  All of these companies have a strong commitment to Pakistan and serve this market through extensive after-sales support. 

The role of Germany in the progress of the Pakistani textile sector is not limited to textile machinery. Companies such as Bayer, CHT, DyStar, and many more have been reliable suppliers of quality chemicals and auxiliaries to Pakistan’s textile finishing industry over the decades. Increasing requirements for the production of sustainable and eco-friendly textiles have made the role of chemical suppliers even more vital. These companies not only provide the most suitable chemicals but also constantly educate our textile industry in techniques to achieve sustainable and profitable production.

Another indication of growing Pakistan German trade relations is the formation of the first German Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in May 2016. This is a milestone in the history of Pak-German bilateral relations. GPCCI allows concrete activities and programs in collaboration with organisations such as GIZ to foster further trade development between Germany and Pakistan.

Pakistan Textile Journal has been the primary medium for these companies to address the fast-evolving textile industry of Pakistan over the last 60 years. Some of our earliest advertisers are still present through advertising as well as editorials in our publication. Some of the earliest advertising of German textile machinery which appeared in our publication is reproduced on this page for the interest of our readers.

Pakistan Textile Journal has been a witness of the German Pakistan trade relations over the last 65 years through thick and thin.  These are the difficult times for the textile industry of Pakistan due to the unprecedented turmoil caused by COVID 19.  Pakistan’s textile exports have slid by more than 64% in April 2020 as compared with April 2019.  The trend unless reversed soon will cause further decline.  This is the time of need when German companies must show their support to their customers to meet the new challenges. German companies are in an excellent position to guide our industry towards new diversification and areas such as PPE that has remained unexplored by the industry.


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