Sustainable packaging solutions for the apparel industry
Natur-Tec® and iTextiles® have partnered to promote biobased and sustainable packaging alternatives to apparel brands worldwide.

Natur-Tec® a division of Northern Technologies Corporation USA is a manufacturer of biobased and compostable plastics intended to replace conventional, petroleum-based plastics.

Natur-Tec® has a broad bioplastics portfolio which spans flexible film, rigid injection molded materials, and engineered plastics. These applications allow for the production of 100% certified biodegradable and compostable finished products, such as bags, food service products, and product packaging.  Natur-Tec® products find applications as Packaging bags, covers, hangers, clips, collar supports, hang tags, etc.  These products are made from fully biodegradable and compostable materials that are environment friendly alternatives to conventional plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene. These products are certified compostable as per international standards such as ASTM D6400 (USA), EN 13432 (Europe) and ISO 17088. Natur-Tec® products are manufactured from renewable/natural materials, and engineered to provide high level of performance and protection in a packaging application. These products are fully RSL compliant, and do not contain any heavy metals or toxic materials.

“Natur-Tec® solutions support the Sustainability initiatives and goals of major Apparel Brands and aid in reducing the carbon footprint of their products,”  said, Dr. Sunder Balakrishnan, General Manager & Director, Natur-Tec®.

Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC) U.S.A., focuses on developing, marketing and selling proprietary environmentally beneficial material science-based product and technical services via a network of independent distributors, manufacturers' representatives and joint ventures in over 50 countries.

iTextiles® is a multi-disciplinary textile solutions company that helps businesses create, manage, and fulfill demand for a wide range of textiles and fibers. Established in 2006 as a trading concern, the company has rapidly transformed to become a pivotal value chain manager in the region, representing some of the biggest international companies including INVISTA™, Kaneka, LUREX®, Alexium International, The Dow Chemicals, DSM and more.

Today, iTextiles® is fully capable and committed to create increasing value for partners in all aspects of the supply chain, working alongside both manufacturing business and retail partners to provide integrated solutions in market generation, sourcing, branding, and sales. “Our partnership with Natur-Tec® complements our existing product portfolio and enables us to add value across different supply chain functions,” said, Mr. Mujeebullah Khan, CEO, iTextiles.


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