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German Technology with higher energy efficiency and

Volatile prices and sporadic shortages for energy as well as commodities, and stricter environmental legislation put textiles producers in Asia under pressure to adjust to this ever challenging scenario. Therefore, efficient textile production in terms of energy and resources will be the main topic of German exhibitors at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014.

According to a press release by Nicolai Strauch, member companies of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association will demonstrate at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 that latest German technology increases profits by higher energy efficiency. VDMA experts examined the energy saving effects over the entire production chain of three textile products. Major results of this in-depth analysis of German Technology will be summarized in a brochure that can be obtained at the VDMA booth and the booths of numerous VDMA member companies at ITMA ASIA. 

Energy-efficient processes – from fibre to the final textile product

VDMA’s approach of the analysis is to cover the complete value chains from the raw material to the finished product, e.g. a functional T-shirt. To manufacture this type of product, the process starts with spinning and texturizing of polyester yarn followed by the warp preparation. To produce the textile fabrics, warp-knitting technology is used, e.g. an automatic warp knitting machine. In the following process step of textile “finishing”, this material is washed, dyed black and finished (i.e. functionalized by applying special properties such as dirt repellent, water proof and water vapor permeable layers), dried and finally completed by setting. For all these steps, from filament production to finishing not only the electrical energy consumed - including compressed air and air-conditioning - but also the thermal energies like gas, oil, or steam have been taken into account.

From the beginning of June, trade professionals will have the chance to read the full stories of three product specific examples and witness the energy saving potential that can be realized with the help of German textile machines on www. (in English) and also on (in Chinese).

Competition featuring attractive prizes

Visitors to the websites have the chance to prove their know-how in energy efficiency in a competition featuring attractive prizes on and

German exhibitors - Sector groups

So far 115 German companies have registered and almost all the renowned German manufacturers will be present at this leading trade fair for the Asian market. The German exhibitors will cover almost various machinery chapters with a strong focus on spinning, finishing, knitting, nonwovens, weaving and winding technology. For visitors it will be easy and convenient to find and visit German exhibitors as most of them will use the "German Technology" logo. Furthermore, VDMA has initiated German sector groups in hall E1 (weaving), E6 (finishing) and W1 (spinning).

VDMA booth Association Village Tent – Information and support

The first point of contact for trade professionals interested in German technology will be the VDMA information booth in the Association Village Tent: Booth T1A01. The tent will be located in the open air area between the E and W halls. At the booth the brochure “German Technology: Higher Energy Efficiency - Higher Profits” will be presented.Furthermore VDMA provides useful information for visitors:

  • The VDMA ITMA ASIA Guide, listing all exhibiting VDMA member companies according to halls,
  • The 2014 Chinese edition of the Buyers’ Guide “German Technology – The investment always pays off”, showing in a neat matrix the production program of all member companies of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association,
  • The VDMA textile machinery energy efficiency guide “Conserving resources – securing savings-potential.”


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