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Setex Schermuly highlights automation concepts for textile dyeing and finishing industry

Setex Schermuly Textile Computer GmbH produces automation systems, including hardware and software, for the textile industry; as well as sensors and systems for quality-control, monitoring, machine and energy efficiency, wastewater treatment, and exhaust air treatment.

Manufacturers of textile dyeing and finishing machines as well as manufacturing plants are its top target groups. Setex plays an important role in areas of control and centralization of dyeing and finishing factories, concepts for modern plant automation and energy/cost reduction.

New developments are control systems for dyeing and finishing machines, sensors with charge-coupled-device (CCD) technology for the detection of weft density and weft distortion, as well as a plant managing software package and energy saving concepts. All these new developments are currently in great demand. Setex believes that the energy-saving and environmental considerations will lead to a change in modern machinery manufacturing and textile manufacturing.

Part of this concept is the manufacturing execution system OrgaTEX.MES. OrgaTEX.MES software is designed in modular form to provide managers of textile dye and finishing mills with the information they need.

This innovative system is made for real-time data acquisition and interpretation. Process data of each connected machine can be seen in real-time during the running process or analyzed later on. Third party integration of color kitchen systems helps to manage the dye house and improves data transparency.

With this concept, OrgaTEX.MES constitutes the software layer between the ERP system and the machinery floor. Production can be controlled and analyzed in a systematic way.

With the information out of OrgaTEX.MES one can obtain the following advantages:

  • Shorten time-to-market of the products.
  • Increase product transparency and flexibility.
  • Planned optimization and reduced downtimes.
  • Lower production costs and improve productivity.

In addition to OrgaTEX.MES the new controller SECOM 575c with the established CE technology will be shown, which includes the following features:

  • All functionalities for a fully automatic dyeing operation.
  • SmartConfig solution for predefined fabric and yarn dyeing machines to make installation easier.
  • New designed color display with touch control.
  • 7” WVGA-TFT display.
  • Statistics for checking process efficiency.
  • Integrated formula/time management.
  • User management.

Beside SECOM 575, the SECOM 7 series, represented by SECOM 777CE, SECOM 777TCE and SECOM 737CE will be shown at the exhibition. All controllers contain the easy to use interface developed by SETEX.


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