Indian Card Clothing Co. Ltd.
MB Corporation from Pakistan highlights cutting-edge solutions for spinning.

The Indian Card Clothing Company Limited, through its subsidiaries, manufactures, sells, and exports metallic card clothing products. Its card clothing products include short staples comprising cylinder wires, doffer wires, lickerin wires, flat tops, stationary flats, sundries, and special wires.

MAXUS+ Cylinder Wire

  • Made from special grade micro-alloy steel to deliver upto 1000T.
  • The higher life expectancy, lower cost per kg of yarn production.
  • Special tooth geometry suitable for high production rate.
  • Consistency in quality over longer life time.
  •  Advanced heat treatment process for even and consistent hardness.
  • Fine grained crystalline micro structure.


  • Special aerodynamic tooth design for smooth performance.
  • Unique tooth geometry for efficient fibre transfer at high speed.
  • Reinforced wire tip to withstand very high production rates.
  • Optimised maintenance cycle. Higher life expectancy of wire.
  • Cut-to-point tooth geometry.

Progressive Triump Tops

  • Suitable for very high production rates.
  • Special grade steel chemistry of wires to ensure high life expectancy.
  • Gentle opening action ensures better impurities removal without additional strain on fibre.
  • Progressively increase of wire population from fibre entry to exit zone.
  • No adjacent zone with widely different wire point density.


  • Unique positioning of wire points for effective removal of neps, short fibres and trash.
  • The tops work clean even at high production rate due to special setting pattern.
  • Better carding efficiency at high production rate.
  • Consistency in tops performance over longer period of life.
  • Special grade steel chemistry of wire for high life of tops.

New Accura XBZ - E: Reduction in number of revolving flat

ICC's latest development, Accura XBZ - E is an extension of the XBZ. Accura XBZ - E leads to a better opening of fibres before they enter into the carding zone. As well as better removal of trash particles and short fibres at the mote knife and extractor unit. The number of revolving flats are reduced, including the number of working flats in the carding zone.

The result:

  • Longer life of cylinder wires and tops.
  • Reduction in yarn imperfection i.e. thick/thin places and neps.
  • Reduction in flat waste
  • Increased production rates.

As with the other Accura Carding Elements, XBZ - E can be easily fitted onto present cards, without any modifications. Presently, ICC has ready models for retrofitting Accura XBZ - E on Reiter C-1/2 and C-1/3 cards.

New developments include extended XBZ with 7 carriers and extended XFZ with 5 carriers with extractor units for Trutzschler DK 740 cards.

Accura Carding Elements - a practical, mechanical design Accura carding Elements are made of stabilized, hardened aluminum alloy for a long-free life on your machines.

To install the Accura Carding Elements, no major modification on your machine needs to be carried out. They are designed for easy servicing which can be done by the mill personnel themselves.

Accura Carding Elements are interchangeable and available in a wide range of PPSI to suit the fibres being processed and are colour coded for instant identification.Web Catcher

Web Catcher

The Web Catcher, a part of ICC's range of products that help to enhance efficiency, is a simple device that replaces the Apron Doffing on the carding machine and increases the carding machine's uptime. ICC manufactures Web Catcher for Rieter and LR C1/2 and  C1/3 cards.         

All-Roller Mounting Machine - ARM 08

ICC has developed a versatile machine that can be used for mounting all types of rollers in the card room and blow room.  The All-Roller Mounting Machine - ARM 08 comes with some state-of-the-art features that makes perfect mounting of wires quite easy.

More recently ICC have developed a new Flat Clipping Machine ClipiT4060, which allows for  accurate clipping of Tops onto the Flats as compared to the conventional manual process.


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