Jeanologia and PPJ are intended to make Vietnam a true global center of excellence in the production of Jeans

The Spanish company Jeanologia specialist in the development of sustainable technologies for garment finishing, along with its Vietnamese technology partner PPJ aims to make Vietnam a true global center of excellence in the production of jeans.

According to Enrique Silla President of Jeanologia, Vietnam has become a strong player in the global textile market and in this regard has stated that "the textile industry in Vietnam is now the main driver of exports of the Vietnamese economy, being jeans and knits the two main categories of textile industry.”

Silla stated that "today, the map of the Asian textile production is shifting the balance in favor of Vietnam, which is emerging as a center of the world Jeans production industry".

According to Silla this is because "China, which had established itself as the largest manufacturer of jeans in the world, is accelerating the relocation of production, making Vietnam one of the recipients of all this production”.

In this new context, the Vietnamese textile market is focusing all its efforts on technology investment with the goal of becoming the number one. In this sense, Silla highlighted that "to this end, Vietnam is focusing on quality production based not only on a competitive workforce, but also in technology and efficiency."

Major brands such as Levis Strauss, or retailers as UNIQLO, ZARA, H & M, G STAR, A & F, POLO JEANS or CK, have noticed this change and are strongly focused in Vietnam as a leading country in world production of jeans.

Agreeing with this view of the leading companies in the sector, Jeanologia is equipping Vietnamese companies with sustainable technologies of laser and ozone. In the words of Borja Trénor, Jeanologia Area Manager for the Asia Pacific region: "to base production only in the low cost of labor is a thing of the past. In Jeanologia we are convinced that the new commitment of Vietnam for technology, efficiency and sustainable production will soon make Vietnam to become the leading producer and exporter of Jeans in Asia.”

Silla added that "Jeanologia, with its sustainable technologies, has become the primary technology partner of Vietnam as the laser and ozone technologies developed by Jeanologia allow to eliminate dangerous practices both for workers and toxic discharges into the environment, saving at the same time million liters of water.”

Referring to the importance of sustainability in production processes, Silla said that the future of the textile industry passes through the respect for the environment and the need to save resources for their livelihoods, "manufacturers who do not respect the environment and maintain procedures of cleaner production, will disappear over the next three years. The production will be sustainable or will not be."

In particular, to produce a jean now in Vietnam 100 liters of water and 300 grams of chemicals are used, against 30 liters of water and 150 grams of chemicals used with Jeanologia technologies.

Collaboration of Jeanologia with Vinatex Group 

Since late 2013, Jeanologia collaborates with Vinatex group. In particular, PPJ, one of the main centers of production of Vinatex, is building a pilot plant equipped with Jeanologia technology, which will provide not only the technology but also training and transfer of know-how in product development.

In this sense, Silla said that “Having a center of excellence is not enough; the target is to make Vinatex a world leader by delivering technology and training to all associates."

The company PPJ International, belongs to Vinatex Gorup, one of the main groups in Asia devoted to textiles and clothing. It is connected to more than 400 organizations from 65 countries, the 120 members that form Vinatex, represent the 9% of the textile and clothing industry in Vietnam and the 18% of its total exports. In addition, PPJ uses Jeanologia technologies in the manufacture of garments for major brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Lee, Replay, Esprit, Tom Tailor, Best Seller Group, Scotch & Soda and JC Penny, among others, and expects to increase its turnover by 50% in the next two years.


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