Cotton yarn exports rise 66.4% in 2013: USDA

Cotton yarn exports from Thailand amounted to US$ 217,495 during last year, registering a rise of 66.4%, compared to 2012, as per the data released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

According to the USDA report on Thailand Cotton 2014, Thailand exported 63,821 tonnes of cotton during last year, totalling $217,495, whereas during 2012, the country exported around 33,908 tonnes of cotton amounting to $130,693.

China was the main destination for exports of Thai cotton yarn during 2013, with Thailand exporting 42,115 tonnes of cotton worth $121,546, followed by Japan with 4,850 tonnes totalling $27,322, South Korea with 3,735 tonnes amounting $14,217, Sri Lanka with 1,979 tonnes worth $8,546 and Malaysia with 1,822 MT with $7,784.

Meanwhile, Thailand imported 11,166 tonnes of cotton yarn totalling $60,195, recording a fall of 9.4%, compared to cotton imports of 14,375 tonnes worth $66,469 during 2012.

As per the USDA report, China was the main supplier of cotton yarn to Thailand during last year, supplying 3,657 tonnes worth $27,805. India ranked second with Thailand importing 3,848 tonnes of cotton worth $15,749 during last year, followed by Japan with 867 tonnes totalling $3,646, Indonesia with 611 tonnes amounting to $3,257 and Egypt with 412tonnes worth $2,455.

In 2011, Thailand exported 28,992 tonnes of cotton yarn totalling $153,435, whereas the country imported 14,227 tonnes of cotton yarn amounting to $76,008.


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