Textile and apparel output records 7. 6 billion soms in 2013

In 2013, Kyrgyzstan produced textiles and garments valued at 7.6 billion soms, according to the Ministry of Energy and Industry. Segment-wise, the textile production was 1.206 billion soms, while clothing accounted for 6.394 billion soms. Apparel accounted for 84.1% of all textile and clothing production in Kyrgyzstan in 2013. About 80% of all garments were produced by individual entrepreneurs operating on a patent basis.

Compared to 2012, there was a decrease in Krygyz apparel production, which the Ministry attributed to growth of import of ‘Made in Kyrgyzstan’ products from China, and also to the government’s decision to increase the rate of customs duties on raw materials like fabrics, accessories and other support materials for the production of apparel to US$ 0.35 per kg.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has developed two medium-term programs for the development of the textile and apparel industry of the country, under the Development of Textile and Garment Production of the Kyrgyz Republic Program for 2013-2015.

Moreover, the Kyrgyz government is currently finalizing a draft aimed at banning import of textiles and clothing products with ‘Made in Kyrgyzstan’ label.

The Development of Textile and Garment Production of the Kyrgyz Republic Program for 2013-2015, was introduced by the government of Kyrgyzstan in March 2013, with the aim of developing the domestic textile and garment industries.

The program emphasizes creating favourable conditions for development of textile and garment industries, in terms of exports, development of new markets, and training workers for the industry, with the aim of increasing the share of domestic goods in the domestic market.


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