Textile Asia 2012

Novelties at Textile Asia 2012
by Amina Baqai, Editor in Chief, Pakistan Textile Journal.

Jiangsu Hualing Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Hualing Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. specializes in design, development  and production of winders, assembly winders and other related products. The EPS series winder is used in weaving and dyeing industry. The soft winder EPS031A and soft winder EPS-031 B were shown at Textile Asia and Songtao Ni, General Manager, Jiangsu Hualing reported to PTJ that she has already sold that winder to a customer in Pakistan.

The EPS-031A soft winder is a new design by Jiangsu Hualing Textile Machinery Company  is setting new standards in winding technology. The main feature of this winder is optimized yarn path and the winding geometry, through the use of new the fold system.

Songtao Ni, General Manager, Jiangsu Hualing.

The touch screen unit allows the operator to adjust single winding parameters, adopt independent motor drive, variable frequency speed regulation, with photo electric detection for yarn breakage. These machines are equipped with digital display length device. The maximum linear speed of winder can reach  upto 1200 m/min. The winder is suitable for pure cotton, pure wool, the chemical fiber yarn for winding applications such as cylinder or cone soft bobbin for high temperature and high pressure dyeing machines.


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