Textile Asia 2012

Novelties at Textile Asia 2012
by Amina Baqai, Editor in Chief, Pakistan Textile Journal.

INVESTA from Czech Republic shows yarn tester

The Y-tester: Mobile Yarn shown  at Textile Asia is designed for effective yarn quality control. The tester is based on modular concept consisting of Y-tester analyser and fault indicator, tensile testing device, humidity and temperature data logger, reel and scales. Additional features include intuitive touch screen control, easy manipulation as well as  WINDOWS compatible software. The system includes semi-automatic tensile testing and determination of yarn count, strength and elongation. The company is represented in Pakistan by Investco.

Jan Blasko, sales manager of Investa Uni, SPOL, SRO from Czech Republic said, “We have a unique portable Yarn Tester. The Y-tester made by Investa is a unique portable equipment based on optical principal and designed for a direct and frequent quality control of yarn during processing. It offers a quick fault detection and yarn analysis at spinning mills.”

Salim Habib of Investco with Jan Blasko, Sales Manager, Investa Uni Spol Sro.

He explained that Y-tester application brings a significant reduction of defects visible after weaving and dyeing. The operator can make a complete analysis of spinning process, either at one position after every few seconds or one machine per hour, depending on preferences of the spinner. The advantages include instant fault diagnostics on spot, frequent testing of each spinning unit, ideal addition to boost lab efficiency or an effective alternative to classical laboratory system.



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