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New Fashionator enlarges the possibilities
for fancy ply yarns
Gottfried Romer, Marketing Manager, Saurer Allma
Roland Bullinger, Sales Area Manager, Saurer Allma

With the new Fashionator EHP-2, Allma now offer their customers fancy yarn twisting machines for the most varied applications. The Fashionator EHP-2 is fitted with two drafting systems for the production of multicolored fancy yarns with 2-can feed. All the machines are available with the elastomer device and with extraction.

The fancy yarn prices which can be obtained internationally are decisive in machine selection, offset, of course by fancy ply yarn costs. Together with their customers, Allma develops economic efficiency programme which facilitate machine selection.

Fancy yarn twisting machine fashionator
EHC and EHP are pure hollow spindle machines and are the successor to the legendary ESP series which, after being produced for over 20 years, is one of the most frequently sold fancy yarn machines.

Fancy yarn twisting machine fashionator

Fancy ply yarns in one work process
In this process one or several threads are twisted between two clamping points. The result is a false thread produced above the twist-imparting machine element which disperses again after the twisting hook. The spindle is loaded with the binder thread in the form of a cop or a flanged bobbin. The binder thread, which twists with the spindle, is drawn together with the basic and effect threads through the hollow spindle. Immediately after the twisting hook, the binder thread covers the effect thread and the basic threads with a real twist and in the opposite twisting

direction the structures of the fancy ply yarn are formed in the false twist area near the delivery roller before the hollow spindle. With this fancy ply yarn, it is very easy to see that the effect thread and the basic thread do not show any twist., After the fancy effect has been formed and covered, it can be drawn off by the delivery roller after the hollow spindle and wound onto a conical or cylinderical crosswound bobbin. Using this method, fancy yarns can be produced in one work process from the yarn and roving right through to the finished crosswound bobbin.
Soft, voluminous and balanced fancy effects
The hollow spindle fancy yarn twisting machine EHP has a separately driven twisting hook, which can be impinged on the hollow spindle with differing speeds. It is thus possible to combine the advantage of a close fancy yarn tie-in by twisting hook with a less strong tie-in through the binder thread. Fancy yarn producers can thus produce soft, voluminous and balanced fancy ply yarns produced in two steps. The advantages lies in using high spindle speeds of 30,000 min for the twisting hook and 22,000 min for the hollow spindle.
The final product is a ready for sale fancy ply yarn bobbin which does not need rewinding.
Classic fancy yarn combi-machine fancynator
These combine the ring twisting process and the hollow spindle process in one machine. They are built with two separately operating sides and can be fitted with up to 192 spindles. As it is possible to stop the hollow spindle function, these machines can also be used as conventional ring twisting fancy yarn machines. Highly dynamic drive technology makes it possible to freely programme the fancy yarn pattern with an ERC/ERP - machine (C=continuous, P=programmable) and to divide a continuous fancy effect in up to 50 different variation section (nops, caterpillars, etc.).
Using all advantages
Both machine variations are offered as thread or drafting system machines. A three-cylinder drafting system makes it possible to feed roving and finishing bobbins. In the top area after the delivery roller, the hollow spindle makes it possible to produce thread structures using a higher number of spindle revolution. In the area under the hollow spindle, the high-twisted, actually finished yarn in up-twisted again thanks to the ring spindle running with fewer spindle

revolutions. This up-twisting balances out the twists, the yarn has less snarling tendency and gets a softer, more voluminous feel.

Depending on the type of fancy effect, hollow spindle speeds of up to 18,000 min and ring spindle speeds of up to 7000 min are possible. The final product is a cop which when rewound is in its saleable form.
There are different ways of manufacturing balanced fancy ply yarns. Customers wishing to avoid fixing of their fancy ply yarns through damping are obliged to use the classic combi-method.

Soft, voluminous and balanced fancy effects are possible by Allma fancy yarn twisting machine

Courtesy: Twisting Express No: 13, September 2003


Global yarn and fabric production weakened in 2003

According to sources, the ITMF latest State of Trade Report said that world yarn and fabric production were slightly weakened during the third quarter of 2003.

Yarn output has fallen for five consecutive quarters and remains at a post-1998 low. Fabric production has been weakening during the course of 2003 but remains around its post-2000 average level. Global yarn output fell by 0.7 per cent during the quarter, as increased Asian production (+3.4%) was insufficient to offset substantial quarterly declines in Europe (-8.2%) and North America (-9.3%).

On an annual basis, world yarn production was 4.8 per cent lower, with all regions outside Asia curtailing production levels relative to Q3 2002. European output was 2.9 per cent lower year-on-year, while North American yarn production fell by 18.1%.

Courtesy: ITMF, Switzerland