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DuPont has sold Invista’ formerly DuPont Textiles & Interiors (DTI) - to US-based Koch Industries for US$4.4 bn in one of the largest deals in the history of global textile industry.
Koch will combine Invista with its polyester and fibers unit, resulting in annual sales of about $9 billion. The unit makes materials used in products such as car tires, sleeping bags and plastic bottles. Lycra is a stretch fabric used in tights and other clothing, while Invista also owns the Stainmaster carpet brand. DuPont is selling Invista as part of its $900 million cost-cutting and repositioning program. The sale comes after years of decline in the U.S. textile industry.
DuPont-key player in technical textiles
DuPont will remain a key player in technical textiles despite the recent sale of its Invista fibres and textiles business.
As a result of the sale, DuPont has distanced itself from brands which are associated mainly with commodity fibre and fabric industries for mass apparel markets. At the same time, it has managed to retain some of the world's best known technical and performance brands and technologies, such as Kevlar, Nomex and Tyvek.
DuPont's chief executive officer (CEO), Charles Holliday, has described the sale of Invista as "a bittersweet milestone". But for DuPont's profitability the move can only be seen as positive. Invista was a stone around DuPont's neck. Because of high energy costs and competition from Asian fibre suppliers, Invista represented the company's least profitable business-even after laying off 2,000 workers in 2002.
DuPont's technical textiles-related businesses are now spread across a wide range of its operations. In general they can be broken down into two fields: aramid based products; and nonwovens based products. Its aramid based products include some well established brands such as Kevlar and Nomex. They also include Aracon, Korex, ThermaBlock, ThermaColor and Thermount. Its nonwovens based products include Softesse, StaSafe, Suprel, Typar, Tychem and Tyvek.
Koch Industries
Koch Industries, based in Houston, Texas, is the second biggest privately held company in the USA after Cargill. The company operates in a diverse range of industries -- from chemicals and natural gas to securities and finance. Prior to the purchase of Invista, Koch generated revenues estimated at around US$40.7 bn and had a workforce of 15,000. The Invista deal has more than doubled that.
The chief executive of Koch, Charles G. Koch, has spoken of plans to combine its own "commodity expertise" with Invista products and brands such as Lycra, Dacron and Stainmaster. However, whether Koch will maintain DuPont's high expenditure on brand marketing and on research and development is unclear.
Invista also has an impressive portfolio of technical textile brands -- including Altara, Aquator, CoolMax, Cordura, Dacron, Solarmax and Thermolite -- which Koch has now acquired by purchasing the business. But, in general, these brands are not as well established in technical textiles as those retained by DuPont.
In fact the better known of Invista's brands are for general apparel, where import competition is high and margins are tight. DuPont, by contrast, can look forward to a profitable future by supplying the value-added segment of the global technical textile industry.



The Embroidery Connection is a co-operation of 3 independent companies with the goal to offer their customers a wide range of services in the Embroidery Industry. Members are the Heinzle Embroidery AG Switzerland, Interservices Medik Austria, and AllCAD Technologies Ltd. Hong Kong.
The Embroidery Connection, short EC, provides complete solutions and services to ensure the success of their clients.
The Embroidery Connection also provides training for customers to ensure that they can fully utilize the systems to improve the quality of their products and consequently their position in the market.
In offices in Austria, Switzerland and Thailand the EC develops the full range of Embroidery Solutions and Systems. With additional Support Centers in Singapore and Columbia the EC provides support for their customers. The solutions and services include Embroidery Designing & Punching System. Digital solutions for mechanical embroidery machines and Card Simulator and a library with more than 5100 embroidery designs.



Zimmer AG, Frankfurt am Main, has acquired all shares in Fleissner GmbH & Co. Maschinenfabrik, Egelsbach, from Mr. Gerold Fleissner. Following the implementation of various measures under company law, the name of the company now is Fleissner GmbH.
This change has become effective on January 21, 2004 through entry in the trade register at the lower court of Offenbach. After entry of the name-change the business of Fleissner GmbH & Co. Maschinenfabrik will be continued in Egelsbach under the new name Fleissner GmbH.
The business activities of the company will not be affected. All contracts signed under the name of Fleissner GmbH & Co. Maschinenfabrik will remain in full force and effect, company's new name Fleissner GmbH.



Kusters has recently announced the sale of one bleaching and one washing range for delivery in Spring 2004. Finishing of wovens CO and CO/PES 250 g/m2, average material width 1800 mm.
Bleaching range for 80 m/min, with vacuum system, FlexNip, Contidos, cylinder dryer, washing machine, type Compacta.
Washing range designed for washing after dyeing and printing up to 60 m/min, with Uflo vat and vacuum systems, washing machines TurboFlush and Compacta.
Follow-up order of Hamid Fabrics entails singeing, bleaching and washing range Pad Steam and CPB.


500th ComforSpin machine delivered

Rieter already installed the 500th ComforSpin machine at Lu Thai, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China - in the first quarter of 2003. Messrs Schneeberger, Haltner and Lei Jianglin of Rieter Machine Works Ltd. presented a gold-plated perforated drum and a rock crystal to Messrs Li Tongmin and Wang Fang Fhui of Lu Thai's management team during a formal ceremony to celebrate this occasion in November 2003.
Lu Thai: vertically integrated mill
Lu Thai, a vertically integrated company with its own spinning, weaving and knitting mills as well as finishing and garment manufacturing operations, is located close to the coast between Peking and Shanghai. In the context of four orders placed to date, a K 44 installation including preparatory machinery has been installed and partially brought into operation since the beginning of 2002. The 500th ComforSpin machine is one of the units included in the first follow-up order. As a result of this investment, Lu Thai has become one of several large COM4 yarn manufacturers in China. With more than 4,000 employees and 88,000 ring spinning spindles, the company previously produced 8,000 tonnes of yarn, 65 million meters of fabric and 5 million shirts / T-shirts annually. The new machines have virtually doubled manufacturing capacity. The COM4 yarns provide the basis for the high and consistent quality of the products intended for the export market.
With its ComforSpin process, which has been in use worldwide for more than 6 years, Rieter is a technological pioneer and undisputed market leader in the field of compact spinning. Several hundred units of the second generation of ComforSpin machines are already in operation in the shape of the K 44.
The basis for these machines is the G 33 ring spinning machine, more than 2,000 of which have been sold worldwide. Optimum compacting is ensured by the compacting zone integrated in the drafting system; this consists of a wear-resistant perforated drum with direct drive and a fixed suction insert, together with an air guide element guaranteeing high compacting efficiency. The product of the ComforSpin process is trademarked COM4 yarn featuring minimum hairiness and incomparably high strength.
The yarn properties arising from optimum utilization of the fibrous substance result in improved running properties and measurable cost reductions in downstream processing. Rieter has already sold more than

700 ComforSpin machines in 20 countries worldwide to date.

The yarn properties arising from optimum utilization of the fibrous substance result in improved running properties and measurable cost reductions in downstream processing. Rieter has already sold more than 700 ComforSpin machines in 20 countries worldwide to date.

From left to right: Mr. Lei Jianglin, Mr. Li Tongmin, Mr. Wang Fang Fhui, Mr. W. Haltner and Mr. K. Schneeberger at the handover of the 500th ComforSpin machine


Saurer reports 2003 order intake of CHF 2,600 million, close to the high level of the previous year (-1%, currency adjusted -2%) and significantly increased sales by 6% (currency adjusted +5%) to CHF 2,644 million. The sales growth was generated mainly by increased demand for synthetic fiber plants in Asia.
Saurer textile business
In its textile business Saurer recorded an order intake last year of CHF 1,874 million (previous year CHF 1,910 million, -2%) and sales of CHF 1,928 million (CHF 1,778 million, +8%). After a good start in the first half-year, the cotton sector suffered from declining demand later in the year. This affected especially the rotor spinning and twisting sectors, which only showed first signs of recovery towards the end of the year.
In the synthetic fiber sector the last quarter recovery from the previous year continued and led to a grati-fying increase in order intake (+38%), followed by the related increase in sales (+27%) in the second half-year. With the order book at the end of the year again improved over the previous year, we can expect a further increase in the synthetic fiber sector in the current year.
Components business

In the components business order intake of CHF 726 million and sales of CHF 716 million were on a level with the previous year.
Transmission systems
In transmission systems Graziano's sales of CHF 553 million were slightly below the previous year (CHF 558 million, -1%, currency adjusted -4%) as expected. Surface technology, which operates predominantly in the USA, reported a 5% increase in sales to CHF 163 million in 2003 (adjusted for currency and acquisitions/divestments: +9%).
Saurer's 2003 results will be published (in EUR) at its annual press-conference, to be held at the New Stock Exchange in Zurich on March 18, 2004. The Annual General Meet-ing is on May 13, 2004 in Arbon.

For further information:
Dr. Carole Ackermann, Corporate Communications, Saurer.


40th Anniversary CELEBERATION

VeriVide is this years Society of Colourists and Dyers awards dinner sponsor which is taking place at the organisations annual conference in October. VeriVide is using the event as an opportunity to celebrate their 40th anniversary and mark the beginning of the next 40 years ahead!
Leslie Hubble Limited
During this period the company has developed significantly and become well known as specialists in the manufacture of visual assessment equipment. VeriVide was a brand name which belonged to Leslie Hubble Limited. The word 'VeriVide' translated from Latin appropriately means 'See in Truth'. The brands success resulted in Leslie Hubble Ltd changing its name to VeriVide Limited.
Leslie Hubble spent years at the leading edge of developments in the lighting industry while working at Thorn Lighting in the UK. It was there that he made his reputation as a creative thinker who could find solutions for a whole range of specialist lighting requirements.
At the age of 65 Hubble retired from Thorn Lighting to establish his own company. He built the first prototype VeriVide Cabinet in his home workshop and offered it to "Stevensons" a Derbyshire dyeing company and "Marks and Spencer", they were so impressed that they ordered cabinets for head office Baker Street. Leslie Hubble Ltd was launched.
In the 1950's industry increasingly made use of colour, it became clear that standardised measurement of daylight was required. Hubble as Chairman of the British Colour Council, was instrumental in the search for an international standard as he became the driving force behind the search to recreate D65 in a lamp.

During their long history they have worked closely with clients and suppliers to build up a clear understanding of the requirements of industry. This has enabled them to develop the range of products they manufacture and to expand their client base at home and abroad. VeriVide company supply blue chip organisations around the globe in such industries as textiles, graphic arts, automotive, mobile

Colour Assessment Cabinets (CAC) by VeriVide
communications and interior decoration. From the Bank of England testing the colour of their bank notes to the fishing industry assessing the colour of Salmon flesh, Verivide cabinets provide the platform for true visual assessment.


Laroche and Strahm have entered into a cooperation agreement to supply complete lines for thermobonded airlaid felts.
From bales of wastes or fibers, Laroche will supply the waste recycling, fiber blending and the airlay machine, where as Strahm will supply its new HiPer®Therm oven and slitting, winding, stacking, packing and powder scattering equipment.
To demonstrate the capacity and flexibility of this line, a Strahm oven with 3 sections has been installed behind the airlay in the Laroche show-room.
With a full range of opening and blending equipment, airlay and oven, customers can now develop and test a wide variety of innovative airlaid thermobonded felts in the Laroche show-room.

Two pictures of Laroche show room where Strahm Oven, airlay and Strahm thermobonding oven are installed